*Connecticut* Underrated, Inexpensive, Summer Wines - Sunday April 25th, 6:00 PM EST 2

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Underrated, Inexpensive Summer Wines.


We are thrilled that James Powers from the Wine Thief in New Haven will conduct the tasting and will lead a ‘question and answer’ zoom on Sunday April 25th at 6 pm. on summer wines, white and rose. Please become involved and ask questions.


The four underrated, inexpensive Italian wines suggested for tasting are available from the Wine Thief .  Delivery and Shipping is available.


Falanghina: Cantine Iorio Falanghina Beneventano 2019. Tiny winery on the slopes of Taburno, displays the honeyed white flower/white tea quality that is key to the variety. $16


Greco: Colli di Lapio Greco di Tufo "Alèxandros" 2019. The Alexandros is crisp and chalky and refined, with subtle herb and citrus essence notes. True wine of terroir. $24


Vermentino: Terenzuola "Vigne Basse" Colli di Luni Vermentino 2019. From the Ligurian coast, one of the two important zones for the grape. Crisp, bright and highly aromatic. Organically farmed, also, and a steal at $18. (We will carry their 2020 olive oil soon)


Fiano: I Favati "Pietramara" Fiano di Avellino 2018. Tre Bicchieri winner, 'nough said in a way. A true favorite and displays the incredible and hard to describe hazelnut/almond quality of great Fiano. $28.


Please send your questions to Ginnie or type in questions for James using chat during zoom.


We welcome you and your friends to join us.


Please RVSP if you will or will not join us.  For more information please contact Bailli Ginnie Kagan email to: 

Ginpint@aol.com or call 914 815 0052.  


Be well, be safe and drink wine.

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